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To make cities livable places for everyone and to preserve them is the vision of city care. In order to work towards this vision, we dedicate ourselves to four areas of activity that influence the complex system of the city and its inhabitants: the social city, the digital city, the climate-friendly city and the productive city.

We go all the way with the people in the neighborhood. A wide range of stakeholders, initiatives, associations, administrations, planners and, above all, the residents themselves, are activated to develop and implement solutions based on their needs and requirements. This creates sustainable developments in the district and stable networks that can withstand unexpected challenges and adapt flexibly to new situations.

Accepting all people as people and enabling them to participate in social life at the same time is what defines a socially and inclusive city for us.


Areas of work

Social city

Heart and soul of our work, 6 Berlin neighborhoods are points of action, engines of innovation, sources of inspiration, all thanks to the people living there.

Climate resilient city

Our goal is to develop and implement suitable climate adaptation and climate protection measures together with the population, as well as to strengthen their resilience.

Digital city

Digital social spaces are a way of getting in touch, identifying needs, enabling democratic participation and initiating participation processes.

Productive city

Promoting local cohesion and creating identity are possibilities of a connected local economy. The aim is to maintain the structure, strengthen the structure and revitalize the cities economically.