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Zukunft Stadtgrün - the future of urban greenery

The urban development program "Zukunft Stadtgrün" promotes measures to improve urban green spaces. The measures contribute to the quality of life and housing, to social participation, to the improvement of the urban climate and environmental justice, in particular through a fair distribution of high-quality urban greenery as well as to the preservation of biological diversity and the experience of nature. In the district management area Kosmosviertel, a project within the framework of Zukunft Stadtgrün began in 2019 to qualify the green corridor that runs through the entire residential area.

Daniel Fritz

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Community gardens or roof gardens with vegetable patches and fruit trees - different concepts of the “edible city” are a global trend. The EU innovation project EdiCitNet (network of edible cities - integration of measures of the edible city for social, resilient, and sustainable cities) precisely examines these different approaches. How different approaches of the edible city can be implemented, especially in socially disadvantaged neighborhoods, is to be summarized in a master plan for the city of Berlin.

Thomas Helfen

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Climate-resilient urban development is a core topic of our work, it fits into three other areas that for us make up the integrated urban development of today and for the future. Take a look for yourself.