Colorful Donaukiez - creating together educational, greening and meeting places for everyone

The Donaustrasse neighborhood is in the heart of northern Neukölln. Within sight of the Neukölln town hall, we work in a residential area with around 8,000 residents. Due to the central location there are also some smaller shops and restaurants as well as social infrastructure. The area is bordered by main traffic and shopping streets, leading to greater environmental pollution. The district also lacks quality green spaces and places to stay, as well as places for community work.

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Located between Sonnenallee, Karl-Marx-Strasse, Neukölln Town Hall and Hermannplatz, the neighborhood or public space is of importance for the district and beyond and has to fulfill a wide variety of functions for various users. Fluctuation and high rents continue to characterize the neighborhood. In this context, building functioning neighborhoods is particularly challenging.


  • Opening of the schoolyard of the Rixdorf school
  • Projects "Neighborhood green and environmental justice in Donaukiez"
  • „Donaukiez creates media“
  • „Designing transitions Kita/Grundschule“
  • „Neighborhood meeting place“ und „Neukölln businesses“

are currently key projects in Donaukiez.

  • 2009 – Start
  • 2012 Opening a shared space for parents at Rixdorfer Schule
  • 2013-2017 refurbishment Ernst-Abbe-Gymnasium
  • 2014 Designation as a redevelopment area
  • 2014-2023 Conversion Karl-Marx-Straße
  • 2015-2022 BIWAQ (education, economy and employment in the area) project Neukölln businesses
  • 2016 Designation as social conservation area (milieu protection area)
  • 2017 Start of regular women's meetings with Stadtteilmüttern
  • 2018/2019 – Conversion Donaustraße;

One focus of neighborhood development is on the field of education, training and youth. The support and cooperation with various educational institutions is to be continued in the coming years. The aim is to further improve the educational situation in the Donaukiez. Due to the profile and image of the schools in the area, many parents consciously choose other educational institutions. The increasing problem of segregation and socio-spatial emigration must be addressed and counteracted in the future so that joint and inclusive learning is open to all children. In perspective, the Donaustraße-Nord area should develop into a bicycle and environmentally friendly quarter and offer green and recreational areas for residents. Furthermore, we work together with the people in the area to create an open meeting place for the neighborhood in order to strengthen social cohesion, the sense of community and neighborly exchange. Life in the Donaukiez should remain colorful and culturally diverse. The social and cultural mix is ​​preserved, people in the area take responsibility for their neighborhood and shape their living space together.


We would like to create conditions that encourage people to take on responsibility