Requirements analysis for the new Hamburg Eidelstedt community center steeedt

In this cooperation project with vhw, a needs analysis and interviews were used to illuminate how current and future needs can be met through a joint, cooperatively developed offer structure.

On behalf of the Hamburger Bücherhallen, the Stadtkümmerei, in cooperation with the vhw, prepared a needs analysis for the new Eidelstedter community center currently under construction (webcam of the construction site here). In a central location in In the Eidelstedt district, the facilities of the district culture center, the library and the parents' school are to be combined under one roof.

Project duration: 04/2021 – 12/2021

Results of the survey

The steeedt working group in Hamburg's Eidelstedt district (Eimsbüttel district), made up of representatives from the district culture center, the parents' school/youth welfare office, the Eidelstedt library, the specialist office for social space management and the area developer steg Hamburg, founded Stadtkümmerei - Gesellschaft für integrated Stadtentwicklung mbH in spring 2021 commissioned, in cooperation with the vhw Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung e.V., to develop a well-founded, thematically structured needs analysis for the development of offers for the steeedt - house for culture, education and encounters currently under construction in the center of the district.

The analysis, which was developed in close cooperation with the on-site facilities and based on background analyses, interviews with experts and a multi-page guided survey of adult residents of the district, was successful in the period April to December 2021 carried out on site and evaluated with the help of relevant computer-aided analysis programs (SPSS, MS Access, MS Excel) in a topic and target group-oriented manner.

For the survey, several formats were carried out at local events, markets and festivals in the district over the summer and autumn of 2021. At the same time, online participation access was set up, which enabled digital participation in the survey.

The focus of the survey was on the following topics:

  • Cultural, educational and meeting offers,
  • Interests in using the offers of the newly created café
  • Temporal preferences for the use of offers in steeedt
  • Preferred sources of information on the steeedt range of offers
  • Interests in voluntary work in the steeedt

In total, more than 400 people from Eidelstedt and the surrounding area were able to be reached and questioned in detail about their ideas, needs and wishes in relation to the new steeedt - house for culture, education and encounters.

Eight conclusions could be drawn regarding the development of the steeedt:

  1. Strengthen cooperation
  2. Strengthen the library as a magnet for additional streams of visitors
  3. Provide guidance
  4. Offers for families
  5. Combine cafes and cultural events
  6. Personal contact and internet presence
  7. Cooperation with SVE
  8. Develop high-quality offers for the target groups with the greatest needs

Based on this, recommendations and an outlook were formulated:

  1. Mobilize and develop local civil society commitment
  2. Use the central location to strengthen the identity of the district - target group-specific approach
  3. Breaking down inhibitions by bundling offers under one roof
  4. Create space to jointly develop new offer formats
  5. Connection of online formats with formats in publicly accessible rooms in the post-Corona period
  6. Use access to the migrant communities and multilingual communication
  7. Continue to use the questionnaire for continuous monitoring of demand development
  8. Joint public relations work of all institutions to strengthen the umbrella brand steeedt for the house as a whole
  9. Combine online survey with focus group discussions to reach as many different social backgrounds (milieu groups) as possible
  10. Establish and finance network management in order to be able to use synergies

With the forthcoming publication of the final report, the complex and differentiated results of the survey and study with a view to the future development of offers in the steeedt - house for culture, education and encounter should be made accessible to a broad public.